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Magnified Healing CelebrationMagnified Healing Celebration

Right Livelihood & Magnified Healing® Celebration


A program of Belonging, Renewal & Joy. Connecting with others is an essential key to bringing about compassion and wisdom

Right Livelihood: Bring what you do (that can fit under your chair during Celebration) to share with others – books you wrote, crafts or art you make, info on services you offer to others. Each person will have speaking and sharing time in circle.

Magnified Healing® Celebration: Come join in a Sacred Geometry of movement, sound, color and light. Creating a Sacred Space of Healing, Oneness & Joyous Celebration!  Each person participating receives unconditional love and opens the experience of being received by others more fully. What if “We cannot become Ourselves by Ourselves”?

When & Where

Sunday Dec. 3, 11am - 4pm at Heartspace at 7 Stones, 215 W Baker St., down 3 steps, Media, PA

Liquid refreshments provided – bring your lunch

Right Livelihood event starts at 11 am

Magnified Healing® Celebration starts at 2 pm


$30 suggested donation

www.paypal.com  pay to myra@reikihealingcenter.org or cash or check at event

RSVP requested: Myra Reichel 610.348.5698   or

Dawn Mazzone 610.636.0279

Facilitators please sign up in advance for station.


Magnified Healing® 

Kathryn Anderson & Gisele King received this practice from Kwan Yin, Great Mother Buddha to release all suffering for all people on earth. This is non-denominational, not religious. Magnified Healing® website

It is, however, a serene sacred ceremony, a gift you give to yourself when you participate with others.

Magnified Healing logo

We welcome all to these events.

Contact us to schedule sessions or classes. Myra 610-348-5698

All those who have completed Magnified Healing® Phase 1 or above workshops may participate in the line of healers at the Celebration. If you would like to participate in the line of healers and have not taken the Phase 1 workshop please check below for Phase 1 class dates or schedule the 16 hour class by appointment. You may participate in the Celebration even on the day your complete your Phase 1 workshop.

If you wish to take classes, receive sessions, or if you would like to participate in the line of healers please contact Myra Reichel 610-348-5698.

Healing Circle - Free mini-sessions for over 55

The 4th Monday Healing Circle from 1-3pm we will be at the Surrey Senior Center at the Media Fellowship House at 302 S. Jackson St, Media, PA 19063.

For those over 55 and their caretakers, you are welcome to come - free mini-sessions are given. The Media Fellowship House has lots of handicapped parking spaces.

Joan's Reiki Share and Community Reiki Times

Joan Nikelsky will be at her 1st Thursday Reiki Share and Healing Circle from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm at the Surrey Senior Center at the Media Fellowship House at 302 S. Jackson St, Media, PA 19063.

We appreciate a donation for these special events.


Holistic Practitioner Class

Holistic Practitioner Class  is open to anyone interested in starting a holistic practice.  Learn about advertising and marketing yourself, networking, paperwork, taxes and deductions, working with clients undergoing severe physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties, and get full session practice.

Holistic Practitioner. Certificate after 12 classroom hours (12 NCBTMB CE credits). By appt. $300.

email Myra


Energy Work 

Three hours of concentrating on the Aura and Chakras, by appt $200 for private session.  $100 each if you bring a 2nd student, $75 each in group of 3 to 6 students .  At your location within 20 miles of Media and at Watts of Yoga in Media.

Call Myra Reichel 610-348-5698 or email Myra