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Myra Reichel, Reiki HealingMyra Reichel is a Master Reiki Teacher and founder of Reiki Healing Center.

Myra Reichel, owner of the Reiki Healing Center in the Philadelphia, PA area, which she founded In September 2006, began studying Reiki in 1998 with Marian Yaglinski, R.N., Reiki Master. Completing her training, Myra became a Usui/Tibetan  Reiki Master and started teaching all levels of Reiki classes. In 2004, she co-founded the Natural Healing Arts Wellness Center. Then in 2005, Myra studied with William Lee Rand, Reiki Master and became a Karuna Reiki® Master.

 Myra Reichel has already attuned over a 350 students to the healing energy of Reiki including 15 students in China and Italy. In 2007, Myra studied Magnified Healing® with Sarah Hohenberger and now offers classes and has trained over a dozen students including three in Italy.

In July of 2010 Myra studied the Japanese Reiki Ryoho with Frans Stiene and can now offer Reiki in the original Japanese form to her students. Myra offers Reiki and Magnified Healing® sessions, Reiki Shares, and classes. She is also the group leader for meetings to discuss the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff.

Myra Reichel received her first Reiki Healing during a massage in the early 1990's. Because Myra's hands and feet were always cold, the masseuse suggested that she receive a Reiki Session every day for 10 days. The Reiki energy improved her circulation.

Before Myra was attuned to Reiki Healing, her puppy was attacked by another dog. The puppy's leg was damaged. After several months, the puppy was still not using that leg and the infection was not healing. The vet said that the leg would have to be removed. The puppy received a Reiki Healing and the puppy’s whole little body got hot. The next day she was walking on the leg and the infection had cleared up.

As Myra started to become attuned to Reiki Healing Energy herself, she discovered that the Reiki Energy makes her hands hot. With each successive attunement, her hands became hotter. Now she says that she can go outside in the winter without gloves and the heat from the Reiki Energy keeps her hands warm.

Myra Reichel offers Usui Reiki and Japanese Reiki Ryoho Classes and Workshops, as well as full Usui Reiki healing sessions, Distance Reiki Healing Sessions, and Magnified Healing ® Sessions. She is willing to travel to your location for an additional fee per session or workshop. Call office 610-348-5698 for information on classes and healing sessions.

Myra's Calendar : See Myra's Upcoming Classes on her own calendar.

Current Classes Taught by Myra

Myra Reichel: 610-348-5698


Myra's Handwoven Tapestry Display

Myra Reichel WeavingMyra Reichel’s hand-woven tapestry series The Law of Three and giclee prints of her work are on display at the Reiki Healing Center.

See her work online at myrareichel.com

Learn Reiki to heal yourself & others with Reiki.

Reiki Healing Center Master Teacher Myra Reichel offers classes in different healing modalities.

Private or group Reiki classes and workshops are taught so that students will learn how to access the Reiki healing energy for themselves. They will also receive the necessary attunements to make them transmitters of Universal Healing Energy during a Reiki session to relax and heal themselves as well as others. A certificate is given at the completion of each level.

Benefits of taking classes with the Reiki Healing Center:

  1. Small class size
  2. Time to digest information between classes.
  3. Times to come to Reiki Shares to trade sessions and experiences with other practitioners.
  4. A professional place with equipment to practice doing private sessions for others.
  5. Invitations to participate in public events to practice doing Reiki.
  6. A full range of classes to meet different interests and objectives.
  7. Myra Reichel’s experience from teaching over 350 students since becoming a Reiki Master in 2004.
  8. You can audit classes that you have taken already at a reduced re-sitting fee.
  9. Discounts: There are discounts for seniors, students, and chronically ill, disabled, or low income people, family or non-profit groups, and special discounts for auditing classes.

Reiki and Magnified Healing ® Classes are normally held several locations including Eviama Life Spa, Philadelphia, PA, or Warwick, New York. Classes can be held at your location with three or more students. 

Myra Reichel teaches all the Reiki and Magnified Healing classes.

Reiki Healing Center now offers Continuing Education Credits to Massage Therapists and Nurses from the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.

You can pay with Paypal (you can use your credit card on PayPal). Go to Paypal under individual classes.

Call Myra Reichel: 610-348-5698 for more info

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