Chakra Balancing with Joan Nikelsky

Chakra balancing is a powerful technique that balances the chakras and clears the energy field around the body.  During the session, the energy from the earth is drawn up through the client’s first chakra and the two chakras on the bottom of the feet.  This is the most natural way to create balance and health in the whole system. The body then takes in the energy and carries it to where it is needed. 

If you feel you have energy blocks, are stressed out, or just a little “under the weather,” try a chakra balancing session with Reiki Master Practitioner Joan Nikelsky.

The chakra balancing technique can be done separately or combined with Reiki.  Joan has been doing Reiki since 2005 and has been a Master Practitioner since 2009.  Read more about Joan Nikelsky.

Come and experience this refreshing treatment from Joan at Rose Tree Holistic Health in Media in Delaware County, Pa.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Joan at 215-498-5346 or e-mail ReikiJoan@live.com.


Revised 11/22/19