The Chakra System in Reki Healing

First Chakra> Root, Base

Location: Base of the spine
Color: Red
Function: Grounding, Survival issues (eating, sleeping, safety, security), physical functioning
Supplies energy to: Spinal column, kidneys, bones, colon, legs, immune system

chakraSecond Chakra > Sacral, Seat of Life

Location: Between the navel & pubic bone
Color: Orange
Function: Interpersonal relationships, sexuality, primal emotions
Supplies Energy to: Reproductive System

chakraThird Chakra> Solar Plexus, Power Center

Location: Solar plexus
Color: Yellow
Function: Personal Power, Self-esteem, will, vitality, metabolism
Supplies Energy to: Digestive System, muscles

chakraFourth Chakra> Heart

Locations: Heart area
Color: Green
Functions: Expression of love, balance
Supplies Energy to: Heart, circulatory system, arms & hands

chakraFifth Chakra> Throat

Location: At the “V” of the clavicles
Color: Blue
Function: Self-expression, communication & creativity
Supplies Energy to: Lungs, bronchi, vocal cords & shoulders

chakraSixth Chakra> Third Eye

Locations: Between the eyebrows
Color: Indigo
Function: Wisdom, visual, psychic & intuitive perception, imagination, reasoning & intellect
Supplies energy to: Cerebellum, left eye, ears, nose, Central Nervous System

chakraSeventh Chakra> Crown

Location: Middle of the top of the head
Color: Violet/White
Function: Our connection to the divine, understanding, direct knowing, center of mysticism
Supplies Energy to: Cerebrum & nervous system

updated 7/19/16