Ethics Classes

Approval has been obtained from the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork-(NCBTMB) to offer continuing education credits for all chapters of The Ethics of Touch.
Please schedule by appointment.

The Ethics of TouchPlease note: Each student must have a copy of The Ethics of Touch by Ben Benjamin and Cherie Sohnen-Moe - by either bringing with them or by obtaining a copy from the teacher for an additional $25-35 . All of these Ethics classes use this book as our workbook covering parts or all of the chapters from this book. Classes are usually very small allowing for discussion of issues in a personal open manner. Students can choose from the classes offered to do 2, 4, 6, or 10 hours of live class or take a class over a computer over 1 or more days depending on number of hours registered.

Ethics Fire Drill for Practitioners: Ethical Principles and Boundaries – Chap. 1 & 2 for 2 hours (2CEU) $50.

Ethics Fire Drill for Practitioners: Principles, Boundaries, Dual Relationships- Chapters 1, 2, & 4 for 4 hours (4CEU) $100. 

Ethics of Dealing with Sexuality Issues for Hands-on and Hands-off Practitioners: Ethical Principles, Boundaries, and Sex, Touch and Intimacy – Chapter 5 for 4 hours (4CEU) $100

Ethics Applied Live/16CE/Ethics 16 hours (16 CEU) $400: This course includes all 9 segments listed below. Class may be scheduled 2 to 6 hours per class over weeks or months by appointment or can be taken as individual 2 hour segments as listed below either Live with teacher or over computer with teacher by appointment.

Ethics Applied Ethical Practice Management 1/Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 1 Chapter 6 Ethical Practice Management 1: Students will be able to identify areas where they are manifesting Professionalism in an ethical manner and areas where they need to improve.  Students will understand better their own scope of practice and establish ethical standards of practice and ethically based policy for their own practice.

Ethics Applied Management 2 /Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 2 Chapter 6 Management 2: Students will identify if they are interested in working with minors and additional steps required to work ethically with minors. Students will understand more fully about ethical considerations of informed consent and be more empowered to understand ethically when to not accept and/or when to dismiss inappropriate clients.  Students will identify situations and create an appropriate Ethical Team Approach and be able to appropriately identify ethical behaviors and practices at Spas and Salons that need to be addressed from an ethical standpoint.

Ethics Applied To Career and Livelihood 3/Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 3 Chapter 7 Attitudes about Money 3: Students will be able to identify their own attitudes about money that may be influencing their practice which may or may not be creating ethical issues. Students will develop a more appropriate fee structure, accept appropriate tips, know when bartering is appropriate, and handle the sale of gift certificates in a more ethical manner.

Ethics Applied Money 4 /Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 4 Chapter 7 Money 4: Students will understand the ethical issues involving Taxes, adding Product Sales to their practice, making referrals, and using inappropriate marketing materials. Students will explore the legal and insurance suites and claims that can be triggered by unethical actions.

Ethics Applied Dynamics of Communication 5/Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 5 Chapter 3 Dynamics of Communication 5: Students will demonstrate the types of Communication Barriers that can arise from different learning styles, improper management of boundaries that lead to ethical dilemmas. Students will demonstrate how they will ethically handle emotions in the Treatment Room and how they can implement Reflective Listening to not trigger ethical issues.

Ethics Applied Effective Communication 6/Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 6 Chapter 3 Effective Communication 6: Students will demonstrate an Interactive Speaking Style incorporating Body Language Awareness and Tools for Maintaining Boundaries that will lead to ethical interaction and strong client/practitioner boundaries. Students will learn how to use Process Recordings and The Assertion Sequence to better manage awkward or challenging moments in their practice to avoid ethical violations.

Ethics Applied Cases of Trauma 7/Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 7 Chapter 8 Working with Cases of Trauma 7: Students will develop an appropriate ethical compassion for their clients through an Understanding Trauma and Abuse through acknowledgement of the Core of Trauma and Abuse. Students will be ethically proficient in describing the Benefits of Touch Therapy to their clients who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Ethics Applied Trauma 8/Live/2CE/Ethics 2 hours $50
Section 8 Chapters 8 Trauma 8: Students will understand the importance of ethically meeting the Prerequisites for Working with Survivors and know whether they can perform the session or ethically need to refer the client to another practitioner. Students will recognize symptoms that client is having Body Memories and Flashbacks and some procedures to ethically use to retrieve their client from a flashback.

Ethics Applied Supervision 9 (to be confirmed)
Section 9 Chapter 8 working with cases of trauma and Chapter 9 Supervision:  Students will know when they ethically need to seek Supervision. Student will understand how to locate and choose a supervisor to work with them to meet their needs.


updated 10/30/2020