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The RHC Newsletter shows our upcoming classes, sessions and events.

Most group events are postponed for the duration of the social distancing because of the virus.We are offering many meditations and classes online over ZOOM. See the Newsletter for details.

Class Descriptions and Class schedules

Reiki IV

Learn to do Reiki Attunements and reiju.

You must already have your Reiki Master Symbol and know chants and Japanese Reiki Techniques,  having either taken Reiki Master Practitioner with Myra Reichel or show you already know this linkage information and can do the chants.

Send picture of your highest level certificate to


or call 6103485698 for more info.

Free Reiki Healing Event


Our chanting meditation and group healing session, June 1 at 7 pm EST. Email Myra for the ZOOM link.

Monthly Reiki Share on ZOOM

ZOOM Reiki Share is on first Wednesday, May 5 at 7-8pm


We look forward to scheduling Reiki Shares in May & June in person (fee). Please let us know if you are interested in attending and your availability. There will be Reiki Shares on Saturday, August 14th and Sunday, August 15 at the Usui Birthday Party.

Classes and seminars will be held over Zoom March 31 to May 7

Sessions are available by phone, Zoom, or remote/absent and classes are available as Distance Learning over Zoom and Live in-person starting May 7th to June 30th.

Please see the Newsletter for details.

Please email myra@reikihealingcenter.org your interest and email to receive Zoom link. Receive healing energy. Join us
.Reiki Healing Center Newsletter

I have spent the year moving all my classes onto ZOOM and you will see the different options as you look through the newsletter.

I will be starting in-person classes and sessions May 7 to June 30

Joan's Reiki Share is cancelled temporarily. 

Reiki Healing Center Reiki Masters & Practitioners

Click the link above to see information from several RCH Reiki Masters and Practitioners

Holistic Practitioner Class

Holistic Practitioner Class  is open to anyone interested in starting a holistic practice.  Learn about advertising and marketing yourself, networking, paperwork, taxes and deductions, working with clients undergoing severe physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties, and get full session practice.

Holistic Practitioner. Certificate after 12 classroom hours (12 NCBTMB CE credits). By appt. $300.  

email Myra


Energy Work 

Three hours of concentrating on the Aura and Chakras, by appt $200 for private session.  $100 each if you bring a 2nd student, $75 each in group of 3 to 6 students .  At your location within 20 miles of Media and at Good Karma Yoga & Barre in Media.

Call Myra Reichel 610-348-5698 or email Myra