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Shibumi Reiki

Shibumi International Reiki Association

Shibumi is a non-profit professional international Reiki association. It aims to support and promote the Japanese art of the system of Reiki.

To fulfil its aims, Shibumi brings together Reiki practitioners from all walks of life and from multitudes of countries. These Reiki practitioners have one main thing in common – they focus on working with the Japanese origins of the system as the foundation of their work. 

The International Association for Reiki Professionals (IARP) offers liability insurance for Reiki Practitioners. Click on IARP link to view Reiki I - Shodennsurance information and/or to join the organization. Please give Myra Reichel's name as person referring you to membership or insurance. Also click on IARP link to find a Reiki Practitioner in your area.

Friends & Healers

Reiki of Lancaster
in Lancaster PA

Maria Gonzalez is a certified USUI SHIKI RYOHO Reiki Practitioner. Maria has received the necessary attunement and knowledge of the Reiki Natural System of Healing and has demonstrated comprehension of its principles and proficiency in the giving of a treatment through spiritually guided life force energy.


Jano Cohen - Alexander Technique - http://www.alexandertechnique-teacher.com

Sharon Hicks - http://www.seeingislearning.com

Personal Growth Alternatives

Rusty Stewart, Ph.D., ACHt., Usui Reiki Master, Shamanic Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Release Therapist, Certified Advanced Master Shapeshifter, Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator, And Certified Level I Aromatherapist.

Practicing Integrated Energy Balancing Healing Psychotherapy, Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Heart Centered Breathwork, Holistic Integrative Breathing, Shamanic Journeying, And Alternative Recovery Choices. Working With Individuals, Couples, And Groups. Facilitating Workshops And Healer Certifications.

Call 215-658-1093 or 609-332-4663.

Bradley Hess - http://www.intuitiveenergy.com

Amy Mak offers professional Tarot Readings for free, as well as Reiki and Crystalogy sessions in Boulder, Colorado. Original articles on spirituality, healing, and prosperity abundance.

Bisbee Wellness Initiative

We are a complementary and alternative therapies free clinic. These therapies are offered to help maintain wellness, promote health, and educate the community as to their effectiveness. They are meant to complement, not replace, conventional medicine giving you a balanced integrative approach to health care. All are welcome. We are located in Arizona.

Martial Arts Lifestyle Center

Reiki for Pets

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation
Katherine Arnoldi

Escape Zone Professional Massage Therapy

Eviama Life Spa

Simple Steps to Health

Arts & Crafts

Jewelry of Chardavogne - Jacques Hemsi

Graphics & Web Design - Andrea Asti

Tapestry Weaving - Myra Reichel

Photographs & Ads - Vanessa Gardner

The Greater Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network

Morgan F.P. Andrews -Puppet Uprising

Cyclown Circus - We cycle from town to town, looking for a place to stay, co-operating with locals and the community and performing in the street or at a pre-arranged locations (usually some kind of Social centre) and giving workshops after the event if we have time.

Dancing Crane Georgian Dance Theater

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