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RHC Class List 2018

$100 deposit per Reiki or Magnified Healing® class paid at least 1 day before class starts.

Pay with Paypal: go to www.paypal.com and send money to myra@reikihealingcenter.org

or send check to:
Myra Reichel
Reiki Healing Center, RHC
121 East Sixth St., Media, PA 19063


To register call or email Myra.

Myra Reichel's Phone: 610-348-5698

Myra Reichel's email address: myra@reikihealingcenter.org
email Myra


Discounts are available for low income clients and veterans from Myra. Community Reiki avaiable for $5 to $20 donation at set times; see schedule.

Introduction to Reiki Class

Learn about the history of Reiki, its meaning, and have a mini-Reiki session. Length of class depends upon the number of participants. Minimum two students, maximum six students per teacher.  1 to 2 ½  hrs.

$50 per person.

Reiki I - Shoden

You will acquire the ability to transmit Usui Reiki healing energy to yourself and others. 

12 hours - $300

Reiki Level I for Children

Five 2-hr classes with hands-on activities and attunements to Reiki Healing Energy – parents welcome.

Private class for 1 or more children with parent(s) is - $500.

Group class with minimum of four children is $150 per child.

Reiki II Okuden

Reiki Level II Okuden – Study three of the sacred Usui Reiki symbols, Chakra balancing, and how to do remote healing.

Pre-requisite – Reiki Level I or Shoden. 12 hrs - $300.

Reiki Master Practitioner

The fourth Usui symbol accelerates your personal Reiki experience. Pre-requisite – Reiki Level II or Okuden. 12 hours - $300.

Reiki Master Shinpiden

Learn to do Reiju as Usui students did in Japan and how to do the Reiki Attunements for Level I Shoden, Level II Okuden, and Shinpiden Reiki Master as taught by the International House of Reiki.  Receive permission to use their workbooks to teach your classes.

Pre-requisite – Reiki Advanced Practice (AP) or Reiki III or Reiki Master Practitioner or Reiki Master.

12 hours - $300

Shinpiden Reiki Master

This 24 hour class is especially for nurses and qualifies for Continuing Nursing Education. Shinpiden Reiki Master includes Review with the master symbol and how to do Reiju and attunements.

24 hours - $600 plus $50 fee for Continuing Nursing Education paperwork

Reiki Reviews

Reiki Review: Audit – Student Teaching
Pre-requisite: Certificate for whichever level of Reiki you wish to take. Come participate in a whole Reiki class to review information or learn the Japanese techniques up to your current level and receive a Reiju or a re-attunement to your current level. A great way to refresh your interest in Reiki. Attend an existing class $200 per 12 hour group class.

Private Reiki Review. $75 per hour. Come receive a Reiju or re-attunement to your current level of Reiki. Learn or re-learn Japanese Reiki techniques appropriate for your level of training. Great way to refresh your interest in Reiki and learn some new techniques that are of interest to you.

Karuna Reiki® Levels I and II

1 yr. after Usui AP, Reiki III, or Reiki Master or Reiki Master Practitioner. Learn 8 additional symbols. 12 hours - $500.

Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher

When you have taught Usui Reiki for 1 yr, and have completed Karuna Reiki® Levels I and II. Learn how to attune others to Karuna Reiki®, 6 hours - $300.

Self Acupressure

Call for information

Holistic Practitioner

Want to start your own holistic practice?

Want to start your own holistic practice for any modality? Learn how to become a professional. Ethics, marketing, deductions, picking a location, and other topics of interest to those starting a Reiki or other holistic practice. 12 hrs - $300.

Ethics Classes

Ethics Fire Drill  -  includes review of Ethical Code, understanding vocabulary, transference, counter-transference, dual relationships,  working with clients with mental health issues and concerns, and other topics. Two students minimum.

Can be taken as three 2-hour classes for $50 per class (includes 2 CEU)  or one 6-hr class for $140 (includes 6 CEU).

The Ethics of Touch by Ben E. Benjamin, Ph. D.  and Cherie Sohnen-Moe, $28 plus tax, is required reading. We would like to thank the authors for their permission to use their materials in our classes.

For more information on Ethics Continuing Education Class for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers click the link above.

updated 11/17/18