Reiki Healing Center Newsletter – Nov. – Jan 2023

Reiki, Karuna Reiki ®, and Magnified Healing ® Sessions and Classes/Workshops both in-person and remote with Myra Reichel, Shinpiden Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, & Master Teacher Magnified Healing®

Sessions at RHC

For appointments call or text Myra Reichel 610-348-5698 or email . Please let us know your available dates and times in order of preference to schedule a session.

In person one-hour sessions at Heartspace in Media, PA 19063: Reiki $125, Karuna Reiki® $150, with/or without aura clearing and/or chakra balancing sessions, or 1st and 3rd Phase Magnified Healing ® combined $100.

Reiki and/or Karuna Reiki ® with/or without aura clearing and/or chakra balancing are available over the Phone $40 half hour or online over zoom or other online platform $50 half hour. Very focused sessions with healing sent for past, present, and future. Aura and Chakras can be checked during this half hour time as part of session or 15 minutes added time $15.

Distance Reiki and/or Karuna Reiki ® or Absent First and/or Third Phase Magnified Healing sessions or Aura Clearing and/or Chakra Balancing. $25 for one fifteen-minute session or 60 for 3 fifteen-minute sessions that can all be on the same day or 3 days in a row or once a week or once per month. Set up dates and times in advance, Text or call with your intension for the session near time of session when you are ready and Myra will connect and you will rest at least 15 minutes or longer to receive more benefit from the session starting when your time is scheduled and intend to receive. Update your status and intension for each session.

For prices and more informationPlease go to our website for info on Sessions.

Classes See for Class descriptions.

Currently seeking to form classes of 5 or more students to take a class in order to continue offering continuing ed to massage therapists and bodyworkers through the NCBTMB and discount for classes of 5 or more students will be offered. If at least 1 other student in class, then discounts available to low-income students attending classes upon request.

Ethics Applied Each 2-hour class Zoom $50, In-person $100. Discount for classes of 5 or more.

Ethics Applied 2 hour classes up to 13 classes or total 26 hours from chapters of the workbook (required reading) the Ethics of Touch by Ben E. Benjamin, Ph.D. and Cherie Sohnen -Moe. By appointment of ethics training, the book is required for class and can be purchased for $35 plus shipping and sent by teacher or any edition can be ordered used or new online or obtained from your library system. Schedule one or more of the following dates 2CE per 2 hours of class.

Live Distance Learning Zoom Ethics 2hr classes Mondays 11am to 1pm on Dec 12, 19, 26 Jan 2

Live Distance Learning Zoom Ethics 2hr classes Tuesdays 12:30-2:30pm Dec 6, 13, 20,27, Jan 3

Live in-person or Zoom Ethics class 2-4 hours or more can be scheduled by appointment.

Please let Myra 610-348-5698 text or phone or please list all dates you are available we are trying for a class of 5 or more so that I can continue to offer continuing education approved by the NCBTMB. Discount available for those with low income for group classes of 5 or more.

 Intro to Reiki/Introduction to Reiki/Start any level Reiki class 2-hour class learn the history and meaning of Reiki, what to expect or not expect during a Reiki session during the Ethics of Reiki, learn more about what Reiki can do for you is first 2 hours of any Reiki class so start here if you wish. As scheduled or by appointment 2 hours $50 over Zoom or $100 in person. Discounts for 5 or more students in the class.

Zoom Introduction to Reiki Friday, November 11th from 6 to 8pm.

In-Person Intro to Reiki Saturday November 12th from 9:30am to 11:30am There are 2 students already signed up.

Zoom Introduction to Reiki or In-Person Intro to Reiki by appointment call Myra 610-348-5698

The following Reiki I Shoden, Reiki II Okuden, Reiki Master Practitioner, Reiki Master Shinpiden, Holistic Practitioner. As scheduled or by appointment 12 hours: Zoom $300, Combo $450, in person $550.  Shinpiden Reiki Master Zoom $600, Combo $900, in-person $1100. Discounts for 5 or more students in the class. Shinpiden Reiki Master 24 hours: Zoom $600, Combo $900, In-person $1100. Karuna Reiki ® 8 hour classes each of 3 levels with workbook and certificate. $250 zoom, $375 Combo, $500 in-person.

If the scheduled classes below do not work for you at this time, I can schedule any level of Reiki or Karuna Reiki® or Holistic Practitioner, Ethics, or Intro to Reiki class on Fridays in 2022 or any days of the week or weekend in 2023 in-person or combo or live over zoom. Call or text Myra 610-348-5698 or email

Reiki I Shoden learn to do Self-Reiki and to do Reiki sessions for people and pets. Workbook, certificate, and 12 classroom hours.

In-person Reiki I Shoden Hands-on class scheduled Saturday, November 12th and Monday November 14th 9:30am to 12:30pm. 2 students signed up already

In-person Reiki I Shoden Hands-on class scheduled Saturday November 12th and Live over Zoom on Sunday November 13th 9:30am-3:30pm both days.

Zoom, In-person, or Combo Reiki I Shoden Fridays in December and January

Reiki II Okuden learn 3 Reiki Symbols, Chants, and Jumon, Japanese Reiki Techniques including meditations and qi gong,

In-person Reiki II Okuden Hands Saturday, December 3rd 9:30am-3:30pm and Sunday, December 4th 11:30-5:30pm.

Live Distance Learning Reiki II Okuden Hands-On offered over Zoom on Tuesday December 8th and 15th

Zoom, In-person, or Combo Reiki II Okuden Fridays in December and January

In-person Reiki Master Practitioner/Reiki Master Practitioner Hands-on/RMP12 classroom hours, Reiki Master Symbol, 2 workbooks, certificate 1st half of Shinpiden Reiki Master. 10CE

In-person RMP Sunday, December 4th plus another date on Saturday or Sunday in December or January or 2 dates on Saturday and/or Sunday in Jan 2023 there are 2 students already and schedule another date or 2 dates by appointment.

Combo class in person Dec 4th plus 2nd half over as live distance learning over zoom by appointment.

Live Distance Learning over Zoom Wednesdays or Fridays or Weekends in December or January.

In person RMP Saturdays and/or Sundays there are 2 students already in class being formed in January 2023 please send you available dates for Saturdays and/or Sunday or any dates you wish to take the class.

Contact Myra 610-348-5698 to help pick the best dates – I need to teach a class of 5 to keep offering Continuing education for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers. If there are 5 students in class I will also be able to offer a discount for those with financial difficulties, so please let me know your interest. I also offer Contact hours for this class combined with the Reiki Master Shinpiden class which the 2 together equals the Reiki Master Shinpiden level.

Reiki Master Shinpiden 12 hours, workbook, certificate, and permission to use workbooks and teach classes. How to do reiju and attunements.2nd half of Shinpiden Reiki Master. By appointment. By appointment.

Shinpiden Reiki Master 24 hours 22 contact hours for nurses 4 workbooks, certificate, Reiki Master Symbol, how to do reiju and attunements. Saturday and or Sundays or other days by appointment.

Live Distance Learning over Zoom December 2022

Live in person January 2023

Holistic Practitioner 2 hour to 12 hours of business class for practitioners includes practice doing your modality with the teacher.

Karuna Reiki ® 8 hour classes each level with workbook and certificate.

Zoom $250, Combo $375, in-person $500.

Karuna Reiki ® 1, 2, Master. Learn 4 symbols per level and chanting and toning. Master level learn attunement process.

Please contact and state what level class, what your availability is, and whether you want class in person and/or over zoom.

Length of each day class: Each Level of Reiki Classes can be scheduled as either four 3-hour, three 4-hour, or two 6-hour classes 12 hours total.

Continuing Education is approved for following classes by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork NCBTMB

Contact hours are approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association AHNA for Reiki I Shoden, Reiki II Okuden, and Shinpiden Reiki Master for nurses.


$100 Deposit required for classes over 2 hours or $50 deposit for 2 hour classes. Pay over to or on Venmo @myrareichel or on, or to $MyraReichel on Cashapp,
 or request mailing address for checks. Balance due first day of class. Once you pay full cost you will receive emailed workbook for Reiki classes or you can wait for printed workbook first day.


If you have already Completed a level of Reiki or Karuna Reiki® or Magnified Healing ® with Myra Reichel you are welcome to reschedule the class or take a portion of the class to go over information for practice. If another student is taking the class in question, then it will be at a reduced price.

Discounts for low-income students with disabilities or other life challenges, student teachers in this lineage, or students retaking the class for review are possible for classes if there is at least 1 additional student in the class. You can choose to reschedule if you are only student on your chosen date.

Reduced price for group class with 5 or more students in the class but at least 5 students need to be present. Myra’s classes are usually only 1 to 3 students per class so the further out you schedule the more likely it will be to form a group class. You can choose to reschedule or pay full price if less than 5 students sign up for dates you choose.


Zoom is done remotely over the internet. Myra is located in the East Coast New York Time; adjustments to class hours can be made to accommodate your time zone.

In-person Reiki, Karuna Reiki®, Ethics, Holistic Practitioner Business Classes and Magnified Healing ® workshops can be held at Heartspace 215 West Baker St, Media, PA 19063.

Karuna Reiki® and Magnified Healing ® classes can also be held at the Energy Healing Center of Philadelphia 143 West Walnut Lane, Phila Pa 19144 .it is the rear building in the rear of the off-street parking lot.

Magnified Healing® Workshops

Celebration Workshop is in person and is where First Phase and above practitioners can learn to hold their own Celebration Ceremonies where the public is invited to experience this modality and receive healing for themselves and where students learn the procedures so that they can hold ceremonies and teach this workshop at their own location.

10-hour workshop includes 5-hour Celebration workshop and participation in celebration ceremony held over 1 or 2 days $250.

First Phase Magnified Healing ® in person 2-3 days 16 teaching hours plus time for breaks and meals. In-person with at least 1 other student $300.

First Phase Magnified Healing ® Review 2-3 days 16 teaching hours over zoom with at least 1 other student Review students must purchase the current manual from the Magnified Healing® office. Workshop is $200.

Magnified Healing ® Practice Sessions by appointment call for details.

Online First Phase Review and Advanced Studies 2-3 day 12-14-hour workshop $160.

Next online workshop is December 10th and 11th Registration and pre-payment are required before Dec 1st – the sooner the better . Myra 610-348-5698

Third Phase Magnified Healing ® 2-3day workshop

Third Phase Teacher Training 4-day Workshop with Jan Pemberton by appointment. Ask Myra for Jan’s contact info.

Online First Phase Magnified Healing ® Teacher Training to teach First Phase over the internet taught by Valeria online. Please contact Myra to join class being scheduled. You must have received your First Phase Certificate after 2016 or have retaken the whole class for review.

Magnified Healing ® Workshops and Karuna Reiki ® Classes, can be scheduled at Heartspace, 215 West Baker St. Media, PA 19063 or can be held at the Energy Healing Center of Philadelphia, 143 West Walnut Lane Philadelphia PA 19144.

Please Check for more information.

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