Testimonials from Myra's Reiki Sessions

Had a great Reiki session! My first time there. I feel that something good happened and changed for the better, I just cant put my finger on it but will definitly be back for more. Thanks Myra!
John B.


I met Miss Myra at the Community Service Day for Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday at Girard College. I walked by the booth, saw her and asked a few questions. I always do this before I allow someone to touch my body, and could tell Myra had a peaceful, calming energy exuding from within. I inquired about the program she teaches, and decided to try a mini session of 10 minutes. Not only did I feel peaceful, and relaxed but the feeling came BEFORE she actually touched me! Her energy was contacting my nerves before she laid hands on me, which I thought was very profound, and exhilarating!

I would like to start training as a Reiki instructor since I would like to heal myself and others. With the way our world is changing we desperately need Reiki trained healers in each community. Reiki can help people protect themselves from stress, and combat its power over the body, which can often lead to illness.

Taifa S.
Hello, Myra, I hope all is well for you and yours and the school.  I had a few reiki treatments since finishing the training at the RHC and am especially glad and grateful for what you taught us about providing Reiki treatments.  Your instruction was very comprehensive and took into account some finer points about asking what brings the person to the session as well as talking with the person about a step by step description while doing Reiki.  You also taught us to offer some water when finished, which is significant and important. Karon and I think of you and wish all of you well with many blessings.
Reiki 1 is a remarkable course taught by an experienced, intuitive, and supportive practitioner and teacher, Myra. I learned more than I expected. Highly recommended for anyone interested in reiki, energy, or healing.
I am very pleased to tell you that I have already experienced benefits. I slept deeply and peacefully last night- long time since that happened. My friend, who is very hyper, called this morning to unload a weeks worth of problems andworries. It was an hour-long call. Normally this would have created a similar agitated state in me, resentment for the lost hour, and negative state of mind for the rest of the day. Usually I am not in a place to help her, or if I offer advice, it is rejected. I felt like a different person today. I remained calm, listened patiently, offered suggestions and tried to calm her by speaking slowly and calmly myself. I was not the least bit upset, and it might have actually helped her! She seemed calmer too before the called was finished-and she thanked me. That never happens.
Taking Reiki I - Shodens not just taking a series of classes. Reiki I - Shodens about your spiritual growth. It promotes a new, healthy, happier way to manage your life & yourself. You will learn more forgiveness, patience, & compassion. The more you allow it to, the more Reiki will transform your life. You will find peace, truth, love, respect, laughter and light
Kristel Keirnan
Reiki Master Practitioner
Thanks again for working with me and Reiki. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and very much enjoyed meeting and getting to know you.
Nancy MacKenzie
HI Myra, I want to thank you for your sample Reiki session yesterday. I really feel better!
Thank you for your kindnesses and ability to share your knowledge with us. The class was wonderful. My only objection is that I want to learn more from you so Reiki I is in the plan.
Marietta Fryer
Everyone can benefit from Reiki I - Shoden, even if you never intend to practice professionally, it is truly universal and you don't need to over-analyze it.
Reiki with Myra is a time to relax, to let go, and to reenergize.  Given her gentle, intuitive and supportive nature, I think of my sessions with Myra as a special treat for myself.
Sharon Hicks
Reiki I - Shodens helping me to open up. Myra is one of the most intuned energy workers I have ever met. She makes you want to know how to do it for yourself
This class has taught me a lot of things, you will enjoy this experience that Myra gives out and teaches to you, as I have.
Kyle Hunter
Reiki opened my eyes and my intuition. I have become more aware since my attunement and I love having the power to heal.
Fannie Sigal.
I have been having severe problems with my teeth and gums.They say I need surgery to repair the gums.Of course I have no insurance, so I have been using reiki.I will try to use it more.
Been listening to Jai Uttal ....Kirtan ......the art and practice of ecstatic chant (lent to me by a teacher friend) constantly. It helps me relax. Been telephone counseling and went to counseling session to help me deal with the sadness of mom and the sadness of life in general. I really felt wore out. Feeling better but lots of calmness needed. Reiki helps! Thanks for all you do! Take care!
I am sorry I have disappeared but as i had mentioned to you I was looking for a job and have not been successful finding one I like as yet. I have been doing reiki on myself which has greatly helped me maintain balance and peace within. I also had a chance to do it on my brother while I was in India. He was very amazed as he got a very positive sensation after I finished our session and I helped heal some of his physical ailments. He is very keen i do Reiki I even though I myself am struggling with my lack of financial stability at the moment. Thanks Myra. Also, can you send me the book recommendations you mentioned in class that discuss the chakras, I wanted to read more about them.
Dear Myra ,Have you heard about this? I'd really like another Reiki session but I'm a bit far away !
Thanks Myra. I can't come but I did send distant reiki the night of the hurricane....and Will continue to do so. Love to you.
Thank you Myra for the awakenment. I found the treatment very valuable.

Myra: It was a beautiful afternoon at Hidden River with you and all the Magnified Healing® practitioners. I feel wonderful in my being and inspired by all of you. What a great gift you gave my friend and I. Much love and admiration.
Mary Kay

CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of Luciano. it is amazing how a baby can bind a family no matter how far from each other they are. I have purposely waited to contact you until I had some evidence that adding Reiki to Hypnotherapy was beneficial. Now I won't bring clients into trance without it. They seem to relax sooner and hypnosis is deeper. The whole experience, I feel, is more beneficial. Combining both modalities is now a must in my practice, and your brand of Reiki is both user friendly and most effective.

Thanks again

Deborah Donze, MS, DNM


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