Myra Reichel-Tapestry Weaver

Bold color splashes and strong geometric lines tamed to textural softness for your commercial or residential areas.

Myra Reichel tapestries enliven interiors while softening harsh, angular spaces. Sound is absorbed. Attention focuses on the pliant, textural variations, creating fascination with the endless color and light , enhancing the architecture and the decor.

Myriad shapes and myriad sizes. Whether 2 or 2000 square feet, each panel can be used alone or combined with other panels for the size you wish.

Myra Reichel invites you to contact her personally to view for selection her nationally exhibited award winning work.

Myra recently had a tapestry currently showing at Astin Mills in Aston, PA.

Myra has an exhibit called Retrospective of Myra Reichel’s Tapestries at The Crane Art Center in Philadelphia from July 11 to August 29, 2024

Myra Reichel Tapestry Weaver website