Reiki Master Shinpiden


12 hour class

$375 Distance Learning

$575 Combo Live and Zoom

$750 Live in-person

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Reiki Master Shinpiden

(Second half of Shinpiden Reiki Master)

12 hour class

Prerequisite Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate from RHC or copies of your highest Reiki Certificate in this lineage or have completed its exact equivalent or student who has completed the first half of Shinpiden Reiki Master is needed to register for this class.

These additional 12 hours of class are for those who already have their Reiki Master Symbol who are ready to learn the procedures for reiju and Reiki attunements. This class focuses on the preparation needed and the steps to perform reiju as done by Usui’s students in Japan and the attunement process as handed down from Usui’s student Hayashi through Mrs. Takata. Other techniques and Master to Master healing session will also be practiced as taught by the International House of Reiki lineage.

Students learn the attunement and reiju process to be able to teach and attune their own students. Permission is also given students so that they can access the printer to print materials from this lineage to teach their own students. Students receive two additional workbooks, both the Reiki I Shoden workbook (so you can teach Reiki 1 in this lineage) and the Shinpiden Reiki Master Book 2 which contains the reiju and attunement preparation and procedures. Either a Reiki Master Shinpiden or Shinpiden Reiki Master Certificate is received upon completion. We invite former Reiki Master Shinpiden/Shinpiden Reiki Master students to participate for 2-12 hours at a special rate.

Nurses Please note: After completing RMP nurses can then complete these 12 hours which are the second half of the 24 hour Shinpiden Reiki Master which gives 22 Contact Hours approved by the American Holistic Nursing Association for the 24 hours of class work.

Learn to do the reiju and attunement process and about teaching students. Practice of Reiki Master techniques from Reiki Master Practitioner Class. Massage Therapists can check NCBTMB for more information on taking portions of the class either LIVE or Distance Learning to receive CE.

We invite former Reiki Master Shinpiden/Shinpiden Reiki Master students to participate for 2-12 hours at a special rate.

• After you have completed Reiki Master Shinpiden there are shorter classes (please see list under Continuing Education for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers) that are available to deepen your practice, learn/practice Japanese Reiki Techniques or you can after 6 months if practicing Reiki seeing clients move on to take Karuna Reiki ® 1 and Karuna Reiki ® 2 and if teaching students you can take Karuna Reiki ® Master: If you do not have a professional practice it is suggested that you wait a year.

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Reiki Master Shinpiden

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