Reiki II Okuden


or Reiki II Okuden Hands on

12 hours

  • $725 for Live/live in person 12 hour class.
  • $375 for Distance Learning/online class over internet in real time 12 hour class.
  • $550 For Combination of Live in person /Distance Learning online over internet in real time, 12 hour class with not more than half of class is in person and half or more than half of class is over Zoom or other online program. 12 hours.
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Prerequisite Reiki 1 Certificate or higher from any lineage.

In this class you will learn comparison between the Eastern and Western views of Reiki. You will enhance your understanding of the history and meaning of Reiki; learn 3 Reiki II Symbols, their history, meaning, drawing, chants and jumon; plus you will learn the Reiki I Shoden and Reiki II Okuden Japanese Reiki Techniques including meditations, qui gong, and other techniques. You will practice self-Reiki, offering Reiki to others, chanting the symbols, plus various techniques and meditations.

You will receive 2 Reiju, 3 attunements, at least one Reiki mini-session, if you wish you can start charging for Reiki sessions both in-person and remotely, as well as to charge for house clearings; a Reiki II Okuden Workbook, and a Reiki II Okuden Certificate.

  • After you have completed Reiki II Okuden there are shorter classes (please see list under Continuing Education for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers) that are available to deepen your practice, learn/practice Japanese Reiki Techniques or you can move on to take Shinpiden Reiki Master or Reiki Master Practitioner/Reiki Master Practitioner Hands-on.
Reiki II Okuden

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