Reiki I Shoden


Fees for Reiki I Shoden

12 hours of class, no prerequisite

$375 online real time on Zoom

$550 combo online and in-person

$725 in-person

In this class you will learn to be a Reiki I Practitioner.

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12 hours of class.

No prerequisite.

During this class you will become a Reiki I Practitioner. You will learn the history and meaning of Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy); learn the Reiki precepts and how to use them in meditation; learn the hand positions to do Reiki for yourself and the hand positions for doing Reiki for others; in addition, you will learn Japanese Reiki Techniques including qui gong, meditations, breathing exercises and other techniques.

You will receive 2 reiju blessings and 4 attunements to assist you to pull additional energy into and through your body. During the classes, you will receive a minimum of 2 Reiki mini sessions. You will learn how to offer a Reiki session to another person and experience doing Reiki for another person at least once during the class. You will receive a Reiki I Shoden workbook and Reiki I Shoden Certificate.

After the class you will be able to perform self-Reiki to assist yourself with relaxation, stress reduction, reduced anxiety, better physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health; receive the benefits of doing meditation and qui gong, and various other techniques; ability to volunteer offering Reiki sessions to family and friends, as well as to participate offering Reiki during Reiki Shares with other Reiki Practitioners, and to offer Reiki mini-sessions during Community Reiki times

After you have completed Reiki I Shoden there are shorter classes (please see list under Continuing Education for Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers) that are available to deepen your practice, learn/practice Japanese Reiki Techniques or you can move on to take Reiki II Okuden

Reiki I Shoden

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