Magnified Healing® First Phase Review


Learn the Sacred Names and other information added since 2016.  12-18 hours

Fees for classes of two to five students in person:

  • $250 in-person; $100 deposit and $150 due first day of class.
  • this class is only for people who have their First Phase Certificate

To pay by check: please email me for the mailing address.

For more information – Magnified Healing® Classes page.

First Phase Magnified Healing® Certificate Students who have been using the Sacred Names and have been teaching or received certificate 2016 onward, you need to request the registration form which will need to be filled out, provide copies of your First Phase Certificate, proof you have a CD or mp3 with sacred names, 2017 or more recent manual (2019 or more current preferred) signed on the date page of your manual, and a list of at least one student you have taught several months prior if you wish to apply to teach 1st Phase Review and advanced Studies class online.

Prospective students need to do their practice assiduously for two months before taking the review class. It is recommended that you have taught at least one student before taking this advanced workshop.

Magnified Healing® First Phase Review

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