Paying for Classes

You may play in full for classes on our Shop pages via Paypal. To pay in full by check please email me for the mailing address. 

Alternatively, you may also pay a deposit prior to the class and pay the balance the day of the class or before with Paypal or Venmo to , or pay by cash, check, or CashApp to $myrareichel


To pay the deposit by check please request my mailing address  by email or phone (610-348-5698). To pay the deposit by Paypal go to and enter my email. 

  • A $50 deposit is required for Intro to Reiki/Introduction to Reiki, Ethics, and other shorter segments of classes for students retaking a class that the full fee is $50 to $100.
  • A $100 deposit is required for 12 hour Reiki Classes all levels or 8 hour Karuna reiki ® all levels of classes where full fee is $100 to $550.
  • $200 deposit is required for Shinpiden Reiki Master for 24 hours of class (pay $100 twice on Reiki Healing Center Website). Time payments $200 deposit, $500 first class and $400 due by 12th hour of classes. 24 hours total.

Schedule of Classes

Check the current schedule of classes in the most recent Reiki Healing Center Newsletter, or call or email me to schedule by appointment. 

Class Prices

Most classes are available live in-person, combo part in-person and part on-line via Zoom or other program, and completely online. 

Reiki Classes

Intro to Reiki $100 in person/$50 distance learning over the internet in real time 

Reiki I Shoden $550 live in-person/$450 combo/$300 online

Reiki II Okuden $550 live in-person/$450 combo/$300 online

Reiki Master Practitioner RMP $550 live in-person/$450 combo/$300 online

Shinpiden Reiki Master  $1100/$600

Reiki Master Shinpiden $550 live in-person/$450 combo/$300 online

Karuna Reiki

Karuna Reiki 1  $500 live in-person/$375 combo/$250 online

Karuna Reiki II $500 live in-person/$375 combo/$250 online

Karuna Reiki Master $500 live in-person/$375 combo/$250 online

Magnified Healing®

First Phase Magnified Healing® $280 in person only 

First Phase Review$200 in person, $100 online

First Phase Review & Advanced Studies $160 online

Magnified Healing® Celebration Workshop $250 in person only 

Third Phase $325

Third Phase with Advanced Studies $400

Ethics Classes

Ethics fee is $100 per 2 hours of class Ethics of Touch by Ben E. Benjamin, PhD and Cherie Sohnen-Moe is required workbook (additional fee $35 + shipping though teacher) (group rates are available for larger sized classes)

Holistic Practitioner Business Class

Holistic Practitioner Business classes price depends on length of class.