Magnified Healing® Celebration Ceremony

The Magnified Healing Celebration is a sacred ceremony of Light, Sound, Color and Divine Energy. 

Introduced in 1992, Magnified Healing® is a wonderful technique for taking your healing experience and spiritual journey to the next level. Magnified Healing® was brought to us through Rev. Gisèle King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson by Lady Master Kwan Yin in order to assist us with our healing during these difficult times.

Magnified Healing® combines breath and energy channeling to connect and heal all parts of your being. This healing process clears chakras, rewires the nervous system, and builds the light body in preparation for ascension. It also scans and heals you, stimulating the calcium on the spine, which helps to heal your whole body.

Something amazing about Magnified Healing® is that it will actually replace the etheric energy-body around human organs. This speeds up physical healing and applies it to where it is most needed. The most valuable aspect of Magnified Healing®, is that it is a magnificent tool for healing karma. Healing our karma helps to eliminate negative cycles and patterns in our lives.

See the Magnified Healing website for more information, and Reiki Healing Center Magnified® Healing Workshops page. 

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