Third Phase – Light Healing Practitioner Workshop



$450 for the two day in-person workshop

$100 deposit

$350 balance

To pay by check, please call or email me for the postal address. or 610-348-5698

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Lady Kwan Yin, Rev. Gisele King and Rev. Kathryn Anderson were given access to the energy and the wisdom of the Archangel Melchizedeck.

They were introduced to an enhanced cosmic approach to healing wholeness. The ‘Light Healing’ Practitioner workshop is presented to facilitate the reprogramming of the physical body and all subtle bodies into a spiritual body of Light. It is an expression of unconditional love from God Most High. This Melchizedeck teaching gives us the skills and tools to develop two forms of intense laser Light.

Third Phase ‘Light Worker’ is taught in-person only.

For more information: Magnified Healing® website