Weavings & Pottery

Marjorie Robbins and Myra Reichel come together in this unique exhibit with their respective crafts: pottery and weaving. Both are dedicated artists who share a similar work ethic, discovering multiple possibilities through their love of abstract design and love of different color systems. There is a magical quality which is experienced at the completion of a tapestry being cut from the loom or looking at a porcelain vessel coming out of a kiln from a 24 hour wood firing.

For Marjorie, the center of the clay making is her relationship with herself while working on the potters’ wheel. To step into a quiet space while sensing the energy in her body, requires a steadiness that carries the moment of letting go. This movement creates a new form. 

For Myra, she is sustained by the love of the weaving process, which is a long, slow, meditative process. It includes preparing the loom, along with the building and bringing to life a drawing through weaving the image line by line, only seeing parts of its true face in a mirror backwards until completed, and then the work is really seen as a whole for the first time. See Myra’s weaving website, https://myrareichel.com

For both, their years of Spiritual Practice have strengthened the values of how craft can be in their practice.

The commonality is that their work is not motivated by commercial intention. The “one of a kind pieces” are a tribute to their continued interest in exploring their own artistic expression.