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Usui Birthday Party

Mikao Usui

Annual Usui, Founder of Reiki, Birthday Party – Sunday, August 14, 2022 Pre-registration as soon as possible with final deadline August 10, 2022 so we can have appropriate number of tables set-up and plan other activities. After August 10 you…

Essence of Acupuncture


Now is the time to de-stress and build your immunity. Make an investment in building your immunity, de-stressing, removing anxiety and mild depression. Also, studies show that acupuncture helps remove lower back pain and much more. Please visit my website…

Relax with Reiki

Reiki Classes at Energy Healing Center

Energy Healing Center of Philadelphia Reiki Classes in 2022 at Energy Healing Center of Philadelphia. Three levels offered by Reiki Master Teacher Khadijah Renee.  Come experience the spiritually guided life force energy that heals the body, mind and soul.  Our next…

Reiki Shares

RHC share

Reiki Share in-person Energy Center of Philadelphia 143 West Walnut Lane, Ste. 108 Philadelphia, PA 19144.  Off street parking building in back. $25 Preregister; contact Khadijah Renee 267-603-4498 Reiki Share over Zoom Tuesday, February 1, 2022 Myra Reichel is…

Shinpiden Reiki Master & Reiki Master Shinpiden

Shinpiden Reiki Master

Shinpiden Reiki Master and Reiki Master Shinpiden/Reiki Master Shinpiden Hands-On Class starts on Wednesday January 26th and continues into February. Contact Myra Reichel 610-348-5698, or email   for more information.

Reiki II Okuden Class

Reiki II

Reiki II Okuden or Reiki II Okuden Hands on 12 hours of class, Distance Learning/over Online in person over the internet in real time on Zoom. Wednesdays January 19th, 26th, and February 2 from 2:30 PM until either 5:30 or…

Reiki Shares 2022

Reiki Share

In 2022 I would like to try a new type of Reiki Share for Reiki Healing Center Reiki Master Practitioner and Shinpiden Reiki Master students and others who have already learned the special healing technique that is done hands-off only…